About Greater Hillsborough Chamber

The Chamber's Purpose

The Chamber of Commerce is an interconnected group of businesses and professionals working together to increase local commerce and serve their communities more effectively than can be done individually.

There is a distinct advantage in combining efforts with other like-minded businesses and applying available technology effectively to expand your own business, while increasing global awareness of your community. The more your local business community grows, the more potential there is for your own business or service.

As a business person in todays economy, it is imperative that you apply all the tools available to you in order to succeed. Many of the tools necessary for expanding your business and reaching potential customers and clients are only available to you through your local Chamber of Commerce.

Without the support of the Chamber and the technology available through Chambers of Commerce, it is much more difficult for an independent business to be successful in the turbulent economic seas prevalent today.

Prospective customers searching for reputable businesses through the internet or by traditional sources normally begin with the local Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber, in turn, can drive incoming business directly to you as a member.

Chambers of Commerce are not governmental organizations and receive no direct government funding. Each Chamber is a separate and independent entity and these individual entities are not connected by governance or funding.

The Chamber exists to serve its members. It provides the resources and tools you need. To maximize your success, consider joining the Greater Hillsborough Chamber of Commerce.

We are Renewed and Revitalized

Our aim is for a renewed and revitalized Chamber of Commerce that is responsive to the needs of its members and the community, with Board members who are energized and fully committed to leading the work necessary to move our Chamber forward. Chamber members stand to gain from this work with more relevant and valuable member benefits and business support.

By the same token, our members, input, support and/or participation in this work, including Chamber events and projects, is more important than ever. Board members welcome--and need--assistance from Chamber of Commerce members. How much time would you need to spend? Easy. Whatever you have to give, no pressure! But members' input is extremely valuable. If you would like to volunteer or give input, please contact us.

Greater Hillsborough Chamber

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3 School Street
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